Whoa, it’s official I’m going on tour, painting murals and playing shows in such places as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Saigon and Hanoi! I’ll see you there!

My latest album “FEARS & LOVERS” received a really nice write up by SACVS! I am honored to be featured on such an incredibly diverse and timeless identity. Read the full, artistic review by clicking here:

Demon Slayer “Fears & Lovers”.

Demon Slayer FEARS & LOVERS album review


I’ve worked pretty diligently for the last year to bring you this album of tracks. It gathers lots of different influences and styles, a representation of my musical growth since childhood. FEARS&LOVERS symbolizes two major internal components that drive or hinder our
personal development.
The cover illustration was created by me and the album was written and produced while I was living and traveling Asia; painting murals, giving lectures and playing shows.


An event poster I designed for Us Versus Them sponsored party “Bottoms Up” at the RBC in Riverside, CA.

We Are All Creators

Graphite / 2010 /
This is one of two illustrations designed using ancient mathematical grids and references such as the Golden Square.
I decided to have the symbolism be those of easily-obtained knowledge and widespread recognition to further activate
a less ambiguous type of spirituality.

The pair were first exhibited at the Teebs + Demon Slayer show at Division Nine gallery in Riverside, CA. Sponsored by Brainfeeder records and Sound Colour Vibration society. SACVS.

Shigeto Concert Poster
I was asked to do the Liquid Geometry presents Shigeto poster. The Warp Records artist will be coming to Southern California, performing alongside San Diego legend Orko Eloheim.


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