Whoa, it’s official I’m going on tour, painting murals and playing shows in such places as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Saigon and Hanoi! I’ll see you there!

My latest album “FEARS & LOVERS” received a really nice write up by SACVS! I am honored to be featured on such an incredibly diverse and timeless identity. Read the full, artistic review by clicking here:

Demon Slayer “Fears & Lovers”.

Demon Slayer FEARS & LOVERS album review


I’ve worked pretty diligently for the last year to bring you this album of tracks. It gathers lots of different influences and styles, a representation of my musical growth since childhood. FEARS&LOVERS symbolizes two major internal components that drive or hinder our
personal development.
The cover illustration was created by me and the album was written and produced while I was living and traveling Asia; painting murals, giving lectures and playing shows.


An event poster I designed for Us Versus Them sponsored party “Bottoms Up” at the RBC in Riverside, CA.

We Are All Creators

Graphite / 2010 /
This is one of two illustrations designed using ancient mathematical grids and references such as the Golden Square.
I decided to have the symbolism be those of easily-obtained knowledge and widespread recognition to further activate
a less ambiguous type of spirituality.

The pair were first exhibited at the Teebs + Demon Slayer show at Division Nine gallery in Riverside, CA. Sponsored by Brainfeeder records and Sound Colour Vibration society. SACVS.

Shigeto Concert Poster
I was asked to do the Liquid Geometry presents Shigeto poster. The Warp Records artist will be coming to Southern California, performing alongside San Diego legend Orko Eloheim.

Beat Swap Meet #16

I was asked to perform at BSM #16 for the critically acclaimed producer invititational – the performance called upon the use of all analog gear, no laptops, to pay tribute to the roots of this musical movement – vinyl, bboyism, turntablism, emceeing and art.

I was also asked to design this year’s staff pass / poster, for which “hand drawn” was a requirement.

With hundreds of people in attendance, it was another legendary installment of the well known Los Angeles festival. With performances by Ras G, Dibiase, Fatlip of The Pharcyde, Percee P and many more.


With support from Subtitle, Ras G, Mike Gao, eLan, dirtRAID and Sleeve.
This is the first official tour for the FEARS&LOVERS album. The shows will consist of dance floor burning DJ sets and also live beat manipulation trigger psychedelic electronic soul sets.

KPFK 11/26/11

I am honored to return for the third time to play on one of Los Angeles’ most beloved and well known radio stations, the legendary KPFK 90.7 FM. I am going to give an in depth interview about my recent year long tour in Asia and will play tracks off my new album “FEARS&LOVERS”. The station itself has been on the airwaves for over 50 years, the KKK tried to blow up the radio station a long time ago – but failed! Haha the KKK loses again…